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Sunny James

Sunny is the successful host and producer of the popular news and information podcast, The Sunny James Show. For ten years she was “The Small Voice in the Nation’s Capital.” Sunny has had a multi-faceted media career including stints at, WWWT-FM, RadioOne, NBC News, BET,


the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the FCC, in addition to establishing a successful film and video production company. Quite simply she is fascinated by the potential that each platform, whether radio, television, cable, print or the internet brings to the public—the potential to inform, captivate and educate. Although born in Boston Massachusetts she is a long-time Washington DC resident. She attended Towson University. She is the proud mother of a son and daughter and guardian of Mojo, the WonderDog.


She is an avid swimmer and biker (with pedals and pipes) in addition to a life-long runner. She, mistakenly, thinks that she has run enough miles to circle the earth, at least, ten times. She loves to play with beads and paper mache to make beautiful handcrafted jewelry and she is an old-fashioned medium format film photographer and loves to talk to strangers.


Seaton Place novel.

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